Daytime // My Skincare Routine

The one thing people tell me all the time, is that I smell like roses and unicorns.

Just kidding, the thing people tell me all the time is how beautiful my skin is. Although, when I wake up in the morning I don't always agree, and a occasional break out gets me down. I do think I have found a plan that works great for my skin. I grew up with really nasty hormonal acne, and finally after all these years have found what works best for me. 

The most important thing is to avoid the sun. I cannot say it enough. The sun makes you speckle and age faster than anything else for sure. Second thing is do not discount the importance of a great dermatologist. I love IPL photo facials. I love microdermabrasion. I'm totally a product whore. 

Here are the products that are super life changing that I think everyone should use. Click the images to purchase: 

The Josie Maran Argan Oil is what I put on before I sleep, get on an airplane, before my makeup- pretty much all the time. It doesn't stay oily and is super lightweight and because it's so natural it really calms my skin and leaves it plump. 

I can't say enough about the Kate Somerville Exfolikate product. I think the secret to beautiful skin is to get ride of all the crap sitting on the surface. I use this once of twice a week or whenever I feel "dull." 

My friend Sarah got me hooked on Caudalie products, and she paints some of the prettiest faces in the world. I love this mist. The scent is beautiful, and it's a great spray to spray on your makeup at lunch or mid-day and it sort of re-energizes it. When your foundation starts to get dry and old looking, I spray a little of this and it looks new again. 

The Jouer tinted lotion is my go to on days off from heavy foundation. It's the best tinted face I've used. Great coverage, super natural shades, and it has a hint of illumiating glow so you look like you just got back from vacation. Plus, it has SPF 20.  

The Mario Badescu products are all to die for. I love this all natural brand and I swear DEEPLY by the drying lotion. Yes, it is bright pink so you have to have a super loving husband, or only secretly wear it at night. But, a little on the end of a cotton swab applied to a zit, whitehead or place you picked at your face when you shouldn't have- and it fixes it right up. Trust me. 

I also love the Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing mask. When I'm having a week of breakouts, or my skin is "freaking out" this really just calms it all down and dries up all the drama. 

I would love to know what you guys are using on your skin, and let's all help eachother. Leave a comment in the comments below so all the readers can use and enjoy all your tips! xx.