#Heartblog // A Conversation With A Smart Man

We see almost none of the beauty we actually posess.

I am constantly thankful for the people in my life who help me see that beauty. Here is a conversation I had with a very inspiring guy. 

"ahhhh" – me

Inspiring quotes

"it's just about gathering power. and strength. and getting to be a more secure amazing human.

it's not about labels.
it's about accumulating.
and growing.

"yea, wish I was wired that way" -me

"and becoming amazing.
you are not a victim of how you are wired.
you can rewire.
become a more efficient machine in the way that...
it's ALL a win.
and it's ALL a dream come true.
cause you make it so.
you are the captain.

"dude, if I had a screen press I would make this convo in a tee shirt" -me

it's true.
you're only you. and your job is to become the best you.
the most fulfilled you.
that's it.
it's not about age. or career. or any of that.
get it however you get it.
just don't become a victim to the idea that your experiences are out of your control...
YOU control them.
and you steer.
and it's not about any one thing.
it's about all of it.
loving. losing. friends. enemies

This very smart man was right. I think I tend to get so caught up in what the exact title of whatever great moment is happening that I forget that it's ALL happening. Life is more than your title, it's every conversation, how you make people feel about themselves, how you handle loss, what you choose to instagram. Sometimes, if feels like life is a competition for me. That really gets me down. I guess that comes from being a very motivated person who wants to "win." I'm learning everyday that it isn't the medals around your neck but the love and memories and experiences in your heart. 

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pps. this.