#Heartblog // Remember

"Remember when I left you because you treated me dissrespectfully and I would never pick up your calls no matter how many times you tried to reach me..not because I wasnt dying to talk to you, because I had too much pride. I wore your hoodie for months without taking it off and always talked about the sea because I was convinced if I was on a shore you were at the other end somewhere and the sea is universal and connects everyone. I was extremely skinny and sleep wasnt in my vocabulary. I was never sober and always talking about the sea, Steve Jenkins and the color blue. Everyone would always tell me to shut up and instead of picking up the phone I would read your horoscope or go to palm readers. Then over time the color blue eventually faded. It got too warm to wear your hoodie. There was nothing left to say about Steven Jenkins and I stopped going to the ocean.

and thats where the story ended."