#Heartblog // You Are Not The Titanic

I have a friend. This is a true story.

9:08 last night I was sitting in my pajamas, in tears, totally discouraged.

“I’ll give you 40 bucks if you can say something from that perfect little inspiring mind right now that will make me believe that I should keep going.”

“You're not the titanic. I don’t know what that means other than, you may have hit an iceberg or five, but you are not sinking. There may be alarms and lifeboats and people running around like a circus, but you are not on your way down. You’ll float. You always do. and then you will rise. and take over the world. and I will be partying in the ballroom.” 

"I know it's encredibily selfish of me, but I kinda just want to get somewhere, somewhere where someone says...YES...YOU we want you." 

"I'm pretty sure alot of people want you. I just feel like you are always wanted. I don't know what you are looking for, but I know you'll never feel like you have it, because to take over the world, you have to want it all."