#Keltwalk // Red

While I love a little black dress, I've recently stumbled across my new staple, the little RED dress. 

Red ASOS dress

 I'm super careful what I spend my money on, and when I shop I always try everything on, and if what I'm thinking of buying doesn't make my heart burst with feelings of sassy perfection, then I don't make the purchase. This dress gave me chills on the ASOS site and made me want to down an entire box of Red Hots when I put it on. Wowza! 

Amy Schumer and Keltie Knight

Red is the color of heat and desire, it's associated with feelings of love, lust, passion and and romance. Paired with these shoes, I know that I made Amy Schumer's heart melt, obvi. 

ASOS Wiggle Dress with Split Front (this is from their Petite Collection, but I'm 5'6 and not petite so just order bigger than your size.) Available HERE.

Similar: This dress also comes in Black and White which I LOVE. Available HERE.

Similar: ASOS Curve Dress in Green Available HERE.

Jessica Simpson "Claudette" Pump Available HERE. (ps. this is one of the best "knock off" shoes I've ever owned. So Chic.) 

Kate Spade "Heart Of Gold" Bangle Available HERE. 

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