Daytime // GIVEAWAY: Crude Skincare

My first giveaway on this new blog. I was thinking about you guys last night, and just so full of gratitude and love for how you've followed me, and supported me, and I wish I could give you presents, and parties and hugs everyday!  I'm planning more and more giveaways, and special things for us. I just love you so much, and I want to shout it from the rooftops. So, first thank you. Second, YAY GIVEAWAY! 

Crude Skincare

I was introduced to CRUDE by my friend Michelle Money, who has the most kick-ass girl power delicious youtube series of all time. It's always very hard to find cruelty-free, organic skin care. I've been trying to cut out the chemicals I put on my skin, because I am learning that they seep right into our bodies and...well...yuck. 

Crude has something call "everything oil" that I'm really enjoying. Basically, it's a makeup remover AND a face oil in one. It comes with the softest cloth ever. You just rub the oil on your face to take off your makeup, rinse with warm water on the cloth and then add a little of the oil back to your face. The oil is free of sulfates, paragons, artificial colors, fragrances, it won't clog your pores and it's PH balanced. It's SUPER gentle. You will love it. 

Ps. My makeup artist and the show always puts a little oil on my face before we start. That's why my makeup always looks glow and moist, and not dry. 

Crude Everything Oil

For me, I wear makeup all day everyday, and my skin gets inflamed when I have to fight to take it off at night. This has been really calming on my skin, and I've been feeling extra some extra J.lo glow since I started using it. I asked Denise the founder if I could share it with my friends on this blog, and she agreed! 

To enter:

1. Follow both ME and CRUDE on Instagram, HERE and HERE.

2. Leave a COMMENT on this blog BELOW telling me one thing you LOVE about your face. I'll start. I'm going to pick two winners to get the same CRUDE starter kit that I've been using including the oil, cloth and Detrox mask. 

I will announce the winners next week! Good Luck! 


UPDATE: Winners announced in the comments below, Congrats to MARY for her On Fleek eyebrows and to Audrey Easterling for overcoming her run on accutane and still liking herself! I was blown away but this giveaway and touched that we all took a moment to say something we loved about ourselves. I think we should each try to do this MORE! I promise another giveaway soon. Thanks for entering! xx ps. Mary and Audrey the directions to claim your prize and in reply to your entry below! xx