Daytime // My Favorite Things

People are asking me what I am wearing, reading, using on my face...and I'm happy to share my favs with the world! In addition to this list right now I am loving my new featherbed mattress that makes me feel like I am sleeping on a cloud, the sonos stereo system that my husband installed in our house so I have music in every room, a new banana tree that I bought off a neighbor who is moving, the Carly Rae Jepsen song "Run Away With Me" and I've been podcasting and reading up a storm this summer. Below are a few of my favs that you can look or even shop using the yellow links below them! 

ps. of course my number one favorite is all of YOU! I love that you come on this blog and support me and tweet my blogs and share them with your friends, this little army is getting bigger than ever, and I couldn't feel more blessed! 

My One Teaspoon Black Bandit shorts have become my very favorite item of clothing. I've worn them pretty much everyday this summer. The reason they are so perfect is the relaxed fit, the length and the holes. I just feel instantly bad-ass when I have them on. 

One Teaspoon Bandit Black Shorts Available HERE.

I don't just love this lipstick because of it's name "Bitch Perfect" I love it because it is the perfect, creamy nude for everyday wear. I'm not even a fan of lipstick in general, but this color is so creamy but still a matte lipstick that it's the PERFECT PERFECT lip color. 

Charlotte Tilbury "Bitch Perfect" Lipstick Available HERE.

Everyone always makes fun of me for having this super cheesy phonecase, but seriously guys it is the most handy thing in the world! Holds all my credit cards and ID and then I can just sling it onto my wrist whenever and wherever! Stylin and dialing for life! 

Purse Case Phone Case Available HERE.

Can't stop won't stop wearing glittery ear-jackets. I don't know why I get such a kick out of the little bottom of these poking out from behind my ear, but I do. I think these earrings are the rock n roll answer to earrings. 

Bauble Bar Ear Jackets Available HERE.

Lace Up Boots. I can't I wanted to hate them, and then Kim K wore them and now I love them. I mean, yes are they a pain to lace up and down, sure? But, holy smokes these give me babe town vibes! 

Forever 21 Lace Up Sandal Available HERE.

NDB Just the cutest headband that has ever lived. 

Nasty Gal Headband Available HERE.

Get those bad vibes OUT OF HERE. I am a smudge-a-cholic. 

Smudge Available HERE.

I don't even know how i existed before I could come home pop 100 calories of this corn perfection and have my tastebuds explode. It's super hard to eat healthy, and stay in a good calorie budget for the day, and this is one of the ways I treat myself. YUM. 

Skinny Pop Available HERE.

I know what you are saying...."Keltie REALLY? $68 for a bronzer?" I know, I know. But seriously, this is the single handed greatest makeup product I have ever used in my life and it makes your face looks hot and sexy and alive and people constantly stop me on the street and ask what I use on my skin and this is what gives me that glow. BUY THIS NOW. 

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Available HERE.

I am almost positive that this is the candle the light at soul cycle and it smells so fresh and amazing and who knew grapefruit could be so useful! 

Grapefruit Candle Available HERE.

I just ordered this for my kitchen to hold Hobo's dog treats. I mean how perfect is this. I love it. 

Jonathan Alder Glitter canister Available HERE.

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