#keltwalk // The 10 Best Hair Accessories for Summer

Last night was the Summer TCA party for CBS, where all the CBS stars come together and celebrate a new season of television! I'm so thrilled to be launching my 3rd full-time season with the Insider, and celebrating my 5 year Anniversary of being a CBS gal! woot! 

Since it was a "Summer" party I wanted my look to be bright and fun, and since I've been crazy busy, I had to shop my own closet to pull this together! I paired my white lace dress (similar for sale here.) with a Vegan Pixie Mood Clutch. The real star of the show was of course, the headpiece that so many of you have been asking about on Instagram! 

KeltieKnight TCA 2015

Hair accessories and headpieces are the perfect way for the everyday gal to feel like a showgirl. The one I am wearing I got on a trip to Thailand. There was an beautiful woman working at the village I was staying and she wore this piece in her hair everyday. I commented on it everyday, and finally she let me try it on. When I left the island, she gave it to me as a present! It was so sweet. 

Keltie Knight Thai Headpiece

Putting it in my hair was super easy, I just made a tiny bun on the top of my head, sprayed the flyaway and then wrapped the headpiece in. It's on a wire so it attached really easily. To pop it even more, I chose a pink lip and some summer eyeshadow. 

Keltie Knight Thai Headpiece

*****I've had a hard time finding this exact headpiece for sale online, but there are a few very similar available HERE, HERE and HERE

If you cannot find one you love, I've pulled together 10 other summer hair accessories that I love. Soon, it will be winter and we will be wearing hats, and hoods and hiding our dry hair away from the world- so enjoy it while you still can! 

Gold Leaf Headband Available HERE. (I wore something very similar to the People's Choice Awards this year, and both E! and People talked about it.) 

I have no idea where you would wear this, but it's so beautiful and important and I just think we should all have this. Starburst Crown Available HERE.

This is the coolest, literally. Ban.do "Cool" pin Available HERE.

Throw it on for brunch, or a hike, or a trip to the market. This is so effortlessly cool I cannot stand it. Relaxed Turban Available HERE.

Stop it right now most beautiful hippie head chain of all time. STOP IT. Available HERE.

How pretty are these? Available HERE.

You def need long hair for this, but this is all kinds of colorful perfection. Available HERE.

SOOOO dreamy. Free People Moon Hair Clip Available HERE.

Long haired ladies, this is INCREDIBLE! (and only $16 bucks.) Available HERE.

Obsessed with this look, once teenie tiny toppony grows more, she is totally get a gold cuff. Free People Available HERE.


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