Knightime// Flashback Friday VMA style

I've had a long history with the MTV Video Music Awards. I remember watching them in my living room as a fetus dancer gal, dreaming of the day I might be up on that stage with Britney, Madonna, Janet or J.Lo. 

The night I got to dance on the VMA stage for the first time was such a life changer for me, in so many ways. For some reason, the VMAs just feel like a stamp of approval over everything. They continue to be one of my favorite shows of the year. 

Dancing with Panic! At The Disco in 2006. Choreography by Danielle Flora (I'm all the way right in the big purple skirt and big hat.) 

Dancing with Panic! At The Disco in 2006. Choreography by Danielle Flora (I'm all the way right in the big purple skirt and big hat.) 

I got to attend the awards in 2007 in Vegas, and then in 2008 which was the first time I ever saw Britney Spears in person. Britney is such a tiny human. I remember that while we were getting ready the power went out in the hotel and we all had to chance hotels. I literally could not have been more excited about my outfit, I was deep in a "Betsey Johnson everything" stage. I think that Cassie actually hand made her dress. I was always upset that I wasn't dancing at the shows when I went as a date. I'm not very comfortable just being "arm candy", and I was super jealous of all the dancers that year, especially Rihanna's. Disturbia, people. 

Fetus Keltie, Cassie and Haley.

Fetus Keltie, Cassie and Haley.

In 2010 I was back dancing, and 2010 was just such a crazy year for me. I went right from working at Peepshow in Vegas, straight to NYC to dance at these VMAs, and then the next day left for The Rockettes. It was a great time to feel so in demand. It was also crazy liberating to be back dancing at the VMAs in NYC in my heart. I think sometimes you can think things in life are flukes, and if you watch this behind the scenes video you can see me on the car directly in front of Taylor (in the pink shirt) and I was LIVING MY LIFE, that night was such a release for me. Once again Danielle Flora did the choreography, and they made me wear a silver hat to cover my hair because Taylor was the only blonde allowed. Showbiz secrets! 

The next time I was at a VMAs was 2012 and it was my first big red carpet for The Insider. I literally spent a month getting ready. I had a custom dress made, I had huge huge, huge hair and I looked slightly bizarre in a "what are you trying to be" way. I remember seeing the other correspondents wearing flip flops and I realized that I was trying ways too hard. It's sort of fun too look back on and see how far I have come. I remember being too scared to even walk the carpet. This was right after Miley cut her hair for the first time, and the first time I saw a crowd go INSANE for 1D. 

The 2013 were my favorite. I had just gotten married, and had flown directly from my honeymoon to NYC. My husband was there with one of his clients too. The morning of the VMAs my hairdresser came to my hotel room and cut off all my hair. I was excited to debut Mrs. Knight. I wore a two piece outfit I had bought online from River Island. I thought I was so cool, needless to say, I hadn't gotten the memo that no one wants to see your belly button, ever. 

However, the carpet was a blast. Selena's dress was perfection, and the whole vibe of being in Brooklyn was amazing. 

Keltie Knight VMAS
Ed Sheehan VMAS
Selena Gomez VMAS

The 2014 VMAS were insanely hot. I drove with Tyler Oakley and Rosci Diaz and I remember them singing Nick Minaj songs the entire way. The carpet was double sided, and so loud. I wore a two piece from Pablo Sebastian that I still love. Good hair day. Purple Lipstick. Finally getting the hang of looking put together on the red carpet.  I got to meet Kim Kardashian in person for the first time and I could not get over how insanely pretty she is in person. Also, got to chat with Gwen Stefani which is always incredible. 

Keltie Knight vmas 2014
keltie knight vmas 2014

I'm so excited for the VMAs this weekend. I'm excited about my dress, and so excited to see all the amazing performance and see Miley host. I think she is going to be a riot. 

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Who are you the most excited to see at this weekends VMAS? 

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