#Heartblog // Happy Birthday ME!

Here is what I learned in year 33:

All the horrible things you do to yourself in your twenties will catch up with you. Having a "squad" is something only Taylor Swift has the energy for. It's okay to let your "kinda-friends" fade into facebook birthdays + once a year hugs. You have to stop caring about what "everyone" thinks about you, and focus on what you think about yourself. Gratitude is the magic pill that will fix all of your problems. Sometimes we make things so big and dramatic in our minds, it's an important skill to see everything the proper size. We can let our ideas of people, conversations and struggles get out of control if we think to much. You can shut down almost every hater with some kindness. Less is more. Less is soooooo much more. Sleep is so important and you never have to feel guilty for making the changes in your life in order to get some. You don't know all the answers so sometimes it's okay to find outside help (for me this meant an assistant + a health/life coach). Some people's idea of heaven is walking a red carpet and for some it is baby giggles and they are both important and equally dreamy. You have to stop trying to make people be the way YOU want them to be. Everyone is going to have advice for you, take what you want and leave the rest. Jealousy fuels alot of the world and it's the worst. Doing what you promised yourself you would do is the greatest high in the world. You can do things you never thought you would do. You can prove people wrong. Being told "no" is greatest gift you will ever be given. What you do after the "no" says everything about where the road will take you. Everyone has ideas, the people who as successful have the gutso to turn an idea into something real. 3 inch heels only. Deep conditioner is most important. Everyone wants the "thing" but when you get the "thing" you will just want another "thing". Life is a constant ebb and flow and nothing is static. Business and friendship are the hardest thing in the world to balance. You are going to have to do a whole bunch of stuff you hate in order to do a little bit of the stuff you love. The littlest moments with someone you love are the best. Our guts always know the truth. Working to make money for "things" is stupid, working to make money for trips around the world is magic. I have no idea what I am doing.

There is an excellent chance I will never figure any of this out but it's a journey that fuels me everyday. Thank you for another incredible year. You mean the world to me, little internet world. 

perfecting the red carpet stare since '82

perfecting the red carpet stare since '82

ps. one of my proudest accomplishments of year 33 was creating my safe place for talking about this journey. If you haven't already please check out my podcast. Podcasts are easy and FREE to listen to in the car, while working out, or while cleaning the house. I'm a podcasting nerd at this point. You can subscribe HERE on itunes and you can listen HERE every Tuesday.